Many people who have problem that they are suffering from the white spots on their skin. Appearance of white patches on skin has become a serious skin problem. Among all different reasons of white spots the crown cause is white spot on skin. In medical term we call it Vitiligo or Leucoderma. Sunburn and the white patches on skin are the common symptoms of Vitiligo. In USA almost 2-5 million people are suffering from this disease.

specific coloration of a person. Normally most of the spots or blotches either white or dark occur due to the pigmentation problems of skin. As Technology The main cause of Vitiligo is loss of pigmentation in skin or some general or environmental causes. Basically pigmentation is process of skin coloration. Special skin cells called Melanocytes which produced pigmenting substance called Melanin. It is dark brown substance responsible for the skin formoves faster and faster thus medical science has made it possible to transplant Melanocytes cells from some other part of body to the affected skin area. So through this transplantation cure of white spots on skin or Vitiligo is quite possible.
People who are patient of autoimmune disease are mostly suffering in white spot disease on their skin. One of such disease is also known as adrenocortical insufficiency. This disease occurs when adrenal gland can’t produce a hormone called corticosteroid.
Another reason of white spots on skin is Eczema which is with the itches and sensation of burning. As due to this disease the skin gets damage and skin cells are dead so the dermis loss pigmentation and result is white or brown spots on skin diabetes in the patients is also found responsible in theses cases. In many cases, stress, shock, anxiety, cause changes in skin. Patients after some time looks older then their original age, and the skin show
white patches.
More on further cause for white spots in skin are most peoples go for the tanning. Unfortunately people are not aware how to protect themselves from the safety measures used in tanning process.
When people are affected by UV rays or women take birth control pills this may tan the skin uneven in condition and then white spots appear. In children dermis disorder known as pityriasis Alba are the causes for white sun spot in skin.

In modern era many cosmetics are discovered to cover up the white spots, but it is necessary that patient should be medically treated to control the disease as in future it may become widespread and uncontrollable. It is important to know that if this disease is inherited, it can not be prevented. So for this reason medical profession gives Red signal for marriages in Family. So a good and effective treatment is required in order to avoid frustration, psychological effects and embarrassment.

Patient of Vitiligo should follow some instructions, given below:
1. Daily wash your face with those mild soaps which do not fry your skin and leave some moisturizer.

2. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. This is harmful for affected part of skin, but if you have to go outside make sure you used sun ream.

3. Take proper Diet. It becomes fashion now to eat more then a capacity and don’t know what they eat. So be care full, because your diet plays an important role and many foods considered responsible for this disease.

4. Another reason of white spots on skin is excess of salt in food taken. So avoid
5. Avoid stress, Try to Relax.
6. Avoid cosmetics, like cream, powder and other chemical agents.
7. Increase Iron or calcium deficiency by eating fish, beans etc
Home Remedies for Leucoderma:

1. A home remedy with the help of Babchi and Tamarind seeds can be used for Vitiligo. By 1:1

Proportion steep these seeds in water for four to five days. Then on a final day dry them,

make a paste and daily apply on white patches.
2. Drink water from a copper vessel.
3. Dink Ginger juice it serve as a mild stimulant and increase blood flow to white spots.
4. For a month eat fresh figs.
5. Drink butter milk, which is very useful for the disease of Vitiligo.
6. Use Soya beans in your meal.
7. Avoid alcoholic beverages and tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Key Words:
• Vitiligo or Leucoderma
• Pigment
• Pigmentation
• Melanin
• Melanocytes
• Autoimmune disease
• Eczema
• Ultraviolet Light (UV Rays)
• Transplantation

• Vitiligo or Leucoderma: From the medical point of view it is a skin disease which causes white patches or white spots on skin.
• Pigment: Coloring matter of the cells and tissues of body.
• Pigmentation: A process of skin coloration, Coloring of the skin, hairs etc.
• Melanin: Pigments like yellow or brown that determines color of skin. To protect from UV rays it acts as a sun ream.
• Melanocytes: The cells that produce melanin.
• Autoimmune Disease: If adrenal gland fail to produce a hormone called corticosteroid then Patients are suffered in autoimmune disease, which causes white spots on entire skin.
• Eczema: Due to the itches and sensation of burning of skin, skin cells become dead and loss pigmentation, and lacking of pigmentation cause in white spots on skin.
• Ultraviolet Light (UV Rays): A type of radiation, which is a part of sunlight reaches on the earth.

• Transplantation: Transfer of one organ from the organisms to another is known as transplantation.

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